PERCEIVE project - Deliverable D4.5 "Report on the comparative analysis of experts' and citizens' perceptions and views"

Tudor, Monica Mihaela ; Florian, Violeta ; Chitea, Mihai Alexandru ; Rosu, Elisabeta Stefania ; Rusu, Marioara ; Chitea, Lorena Florentina ; Ionel, Iuliana ; Sima, Elena ; Kruszlikica, Mihaela (2017) PERCEIVE project - Deliverable D4.5 "Report on the comparative analysis of experts' and citizens' perceptions and views". p. 61. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/5766.
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This report is a comparative analysis of nine regional case-studies selected in our project, based on original data collected through the PERCEIVE field survey that was conducted during the summer of 2017 and on the reports on regional case studies written by Perceive’s partners. Each report was based on the analysis of the focus group’s section that addresses the assessment of Cohesion Policy. The general objective of this report is to synthesize the citizens’ and practicioners’ views on EU Cohesion Policy and to compare them in order to understand if there are different perceptions of this policy and its implementation. For each region included in the study, the identification of the relevant regional needs are considered, followed by an assessment of the EU policy effectiveness in responding to the revealed issues. Both have been pursued at the level of citizens and of Cohesion Policy practitioners, and are followed by a comparative analysis that helps to understand whether the EU Cohesion Policy is perceived and understood by citizens in the same way as it has been conceived by practitioners. The comparative analysis helped shed light on the convergence and divergence points between citizens and experts with regard to the public intervention needs through Cohesion Policy and in the evaluation of the effectiveness of these interventions, thus contributing to a better understanding of the general perception of the EU by the large public.

Document type
Monograph (Technical Report)
Tudor, Monica MihaelaInstitute of Agricultural Economics [IEA, Romania]0000-0002-8703-2296
Florian, VioletaInstitute of Agricultural Economics [IEA, Romania]
Chitea, Mihai AlexandruInstitute of Agricultural Economics [IEA, Romania]0000-0001-5294-2604
Rosu, Elisabeta StefaniaInstitute of Agricultural Economics [IEA, Romania]
Rusu, MarioaraInstitute of Agricultural Economics [IEA, Romania]
Chitea, Lorena FlorentinaInstitute of Agricultural Economics [IEA, Romania]
Ionel, IulianaInstitute of Agricultural Economics [IEA, Romania]
Sima, ElenaInstitute of Agricultural Economics [IEA, Romania]
Kruszlikica, MihaelaInstitute of Agricultural Economics [IEA, Romania]
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19 Jan 2018 10:04
Last modified
17 Jul 2019 10:25
Project name
PERCEIVE - Perception and Evaluation of Regional and Cohesion policies by Europeans and Identification with the Values of Europe
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EC - H2020

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