A positive analysis of immigration policy

Bellettini, Giorgio ; Berti Ceroni, Carlotta (2004) A positive analysis of immigration policy. p. 17. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/1559.
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This paper studies the determinants of immigration policy in an economy with entrepreneurs and workers where a trade union has monopoly power over wages. The presence of the union leads a benevolent government to implement a high level of immigration and induces a welfare loss not only from an aggregate point of view, but even from the point of view of workers. In the politico-economic equilibrium where interest groups lobby for immigration, we show the condition under which workers are no longer hurt by the presence of the union.

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Monografia (Working paper)
Bellettini, Giorgio
Berti Ceroni, Carlotta
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15 Feb 2006
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17 Feb 2016 14:33

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