The re-codified town. Public space and “utopian pragmatism”

Maahsen-Milan, Andreina (2012) The re-codified town. Public space and “utopian pragmatism”. [Preprint]
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European towns are going through their umpteenth and uncertain structural phase intertwining, with unpredictable outcomes, with scenarios of economic recession and crisis in life-style models. “Town recoding” indicates the set of actions aimed at containing urban hypertrophy, while responding to the demand for housing, mobility and quality services at affordable costs. Many solutions from Urban Renewal– from densification to spacing and retrofitting – do not sufficiently consider the issues linked to the perception of (and demand for) urban safety and security . The creation of “grey areas”, at risk of degradation in residential districts and public spaces, may nullify the regeneration effects. From the Halensiedlung (Bern, Atelier 5, 1950) – to the latest eco-villages and eco-districts, the realization of ”happy de-growth” is taking shape, with anti-global features. Similarly, a great deal of Co-Housing initiatives applies a sort of “on-demand” neighbourhood, de facto scarcely “inclusive”.

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