Coordinating R&D efforts for quality improvement along a supply chain

Lambertini, Luca (2016) Coordinating R&D efforts for quality improvement along a supply chain. Bologna: Dipartimento di Scienze economiche DSE, p. 20. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/4643. In: Quaderni - Working Paper DSE (1054). ISSN 2282-6483.
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The optimal design of two-part tariffs is investigated in a dynamic model where two firms belonging to the same supply chain invest in R&D activities to increase the quality of the final product. It is shown that the replication of the vertically integrated monopolist's performance can be attained using a TPT in which the fee is a linear function of either the upstream R&D effort or product quality itself. The possibility of relying on R&D figures appearing in the upstream firm's balance sheet is desirable as quality enhancement might not be observable or verifiable.

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Monografia (Working paper)
Lambertini, Luca
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innovation, product quality, vertical separation, ver- tical integration, outsourcing.
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24 Feb 2016 16:35
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