CATCH-EyoU. Intervention in Schools. Methodology Evaluation and Main Results. EXTRACT Portugal

Menezes, Isabel ; Cicognani, Elvira ; Amnå, Erik (2019) CATCH-EyoU. Intervention in Schools. Methodology Evaluation and Main Results. EXTRACT Portugal. University of Bologna. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/6151. [Dataset]
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WP9 of the CATCH-EyoU project proposes a school-based socially innovative intervention that involves students and teachers. It examines how young people engage in social issues having local and European relevance, combining a participatory approach, community analysis, and structured dialogue with public authorities. The dataset contains the national report with the main results of the implementation of this intervention in the Portuguese contexts. The transcriptions and analyses of qualitative data (focus groups, interviews) contained in the report serves as the underlying data of the following scientific paper accepted for publication in the journal “Psicologia di Comunità” ( Joana Cruz, Carla Malafaia, Filipe Piedade, José Eduardo Silva, Isabel Menezes (2019). Promoting European active citizenship: A participatory intervention towards the politicisation of youth social concerns. Psicologia di comunità. The data has been collected from an upper secondary school in Portugal, involved in the WP9 EU citizenship education intervention. This data is made available for open access in compliance with H2020 Program regulation, following the guidelines stipulated by the Data Management Plan adopted by the CATCH-EyoU research project.

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Menezes, IsabelUniversity of Porto0000-0001-9063-3773
Cicognani, ElviraUniversity of Bologna0000-0002-8653-290X
Amnå, ErikÖrebro University0000-0001-8311-0982
active citizenship, participatory intervention, citizenship education
Malafaia, CarlaUniversity of Porto0000-0001-5490-1187Researcher
Cruz, JoanaUniversity of Porto0000-0002-6889-435XResearcher
Piedade, FilipeUniversity of PortoResearcher
Ferreira, PedroUniversity of Porto0000-0002-5010-7397Researcher
Enchikova, EkaterinaUniversity of Porto0000-0002-3919-2447Researcher
Menezes, IsabelUniversity of Porto0000-0001-9063-3773Contact person
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15 Apr 2019 13:47
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14 Apr 2020 21:00
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DOIthis upload is a part of10.6092/unibo/amsacta/5985
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CATCH-EyoU - Constructing AcTive CitizensHip with European Youth: Policies, Practices, Challenges and Solutions
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EC - H2020

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