PLUS.WP3 Platforms' impact in urban economies

Haidinger, Bettina ; Schörpf, Philip (2022) PLUS.WP3 Platforms' impact in urban economies. University of Bologna. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/6912. [Dataset]
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This data set contains secondary data gathered in task 3.1. by FORBA and the city partners (Barcelona, Bologna, Berlin, Lisbon, Paris, Tallinn) aiming at contextualizing the sectoral impact of platform economy at local level. The findings form this exercise were inserted into two deliverables of Work Package 3: Deliverables 3.1 (Comparative Analytical Analysis across seven city-specific reports) and 3.2 (Policy Brief: The impact of platform economy on local employment and business dynamics in selected industries based upon D 3.1). Due to privacy reasons connected with University of Hertfordshire policies and the info and consent received by participants, UK and London data have been stored separately and can be consulted here:

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Haidinger, BettinaForschungs und Beratungsstelle Arbeitswelt (FORBA)
Schörpf, PhilipForschungs und Beratungsstelle Arbeitswelt (FORBA)
urban economy, platforms, platform, delivery, accomodation, taxi, cleaning
Pirone, MaurilioUniversity of BolognaContact person
Frapporti, MattiaUniversity of BolognaResearcher
Kall, KairitTallinn UniversityResearcher
Unt, MargeTallinn UniversityContact person
Secchi, MIchelangeloCentre for Social Studies of the University of CoimbraContact person
Tomassoni, FrancoCentre for Social Studies of the University of CoimbraResearcher
Pirina, GiorgioCentre for Social Studies of the University of CoimbraResearcher
Bojadžijev, ManuelaHumboldt University of BerlinContact person
Niebler, ValentinHumboldt University of BerlinResearcher
Animento, StefaniaHumboldt University of BerlinResearcher
Altenried, MoritzHumboldt University of BerlinResearcher
Baronian, LaurentParis XIIIContact person
Benvegnù, CarlottaParis XIIIResearcher
Fuster Morell, MayoOpen University of CataloniaResearcher
Espelt, RicardOpen University of CataloniaContact person
Renau Cano, MelissaOpen University of CataloniaResearcher
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08 Jun 2022 15:20
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30 Sep 2022 21:00
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PLUS - Platform Labour in Urban Spaces: Fairness, Welfare, Development
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EC - H2020

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