Next generation MMIC integration technology for high frequency phase array antennas

Van Ress, B.H. ; Laghton, D. (1998) Next generation MMIC integration technology for high frequency phase array antennas. In: Gallium Arsenide Applications Symposium. GAAS 1998, 5-6 October 1998, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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LEO communication satellite systems typically utilize Active Phased Array antenna's because they are reliable and offer multiple beam operation, as well as electronic beam steering. The key technology behind the succesful realization of these systems is the GaAs MMIC-based module which is used to produce the active elements of the antenna. The MMIC modules need to be capable of a variety of complex functions, while they simultaneously have to be reproducibly matched in their performance parameters to provide the desired beam shaping. This poses a challenge to the module manufacturer who has to produce hundreds or thousands of MMIC modules, all closely matched in their performance characteristics at affordable cost. As the operating frequencies shift from the current L- and S-band systems to Ku- and Ka-band the challenge is even greater and novel technologies will have to be implemented to meet the new demands.

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Van Ress, B.H.
Laghton, D.
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16 Feb 2006
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