Packaging solutions in space MCM's and MHIC's

Cirone, R. ; Di Mattia, A. ; Tursini, M. ; Suriani, A. ; Comparini, M.C. ; Arpesi, P.G. (1998) Packaging solutions in space MCM's and MHIC's. In: Gallium Arsenide Applications Symposium. GAAS 1998, 5-6 October 1998, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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Since 90's MCM. MIC's, and MHIC's have been developed by several technological approaches for space application. Alternatives in the packaging solutions through thick film hybrids and thin film MIC have been found to increase integration level and reliability of space components. For analog and digital hybrids thick film MCM technology evolution was driven by high resolution printing and fine line etching of top layers. Thin film multilayer technologies employing photosensitive polyimide and sputtered SiO2 as dielectric have been evaluated to achieve line/gap structures of 25 um as well embedded NiCr resistors, LTCC MCM's using etched thin film fine lines have been evaluated. GaAs discrete and MMIC dices take relevant role in hermetic cavities development for MHIC's in C-X-Ku- Ka bands. Last prototyping and space qualification work is going to develop high-tech mixed solutions hybrids based on LTCC with thin film metallizations for MW applications, and HTCC with fine lines for MCM's.

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Cirone, R.
Di Mattia, A.
Tursini, M.
Suriani, A.
Comparini, M.C.
Arpesi, P.G.
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16 Feb 2006
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