Territorial clustering and recent demographic trends

Laghi, Annalisa ; Giorgio, Luppi ; Angelina, Mazzocchetti (2006) Territorial clustering and recent demographic trends. [Preprint]
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The demographic framework of Emilia-Romagna region shows, in the last ten years, fast and deep changes. After a long stationary period the total amount of population has recorded a positive variation. The demographic rebirth, like shown by many studies relative to the entire regional territory, is manly due to the immigration from South Italy and abroad, to the new life of the fertility process and to the decreasing trend of the ageing process. The proposed analysis concerns the identification of sub-regional areas, homogeneous with respect to the above mentioned population’s process, focused on the last ten years where the change appeared with more importance; the scope is to describe and understand the demographic heterogeneity of the Emilia-Romagna region. Applying a cluster analysis with preliminary data treatment and posterior check, the study results in five homogeneous areas characterized by different demographic behaviour.

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Laghi, Annalisa
Giorgio, Luppi
Angelina, Mazzocchetti
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contributo sviluppato a seguito della partecipazione alla XLIII Riunione Scientifica della Società Italiana di Statistica; 14-16 giugno 2006, Torino.
demographic indicator,territorial analysis,outliers, clustering
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