La fantascienza al servizio del diritto: l’esperienza del Red Team

Scagliarini, Simone (2023) La fantascienza al servizio del diritto: l’esperienza del Red Team. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/7216. In: Vol. 16/2023. A cura di: Faralli, Carla ; Mittica, M. Paola. Bologna: Italian Society for Law and Literature (ISLL), pp. 1-9. ISBN 9788854971066. In: ISLL Papers. The Online Collection of the Italian Society for Law and Literature, (16). A cura di: Faralli, Carla ; Mittica, M. Paola. ISSN 2035-553X.
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[Science Fiction in the service of the Law: the experience of the Red Team] The contribution of literature and of the overall field of the humanities is functional to jurists not only in order to interpret the law, but also in its planning and drafting phase. The reflection on legal drafting and on the stakeholders’ participation in the elaboration of public policies and regulatory acts has long been mature, but, so far, it has neglected the opportunity of gathering inputs from actors engaged in these sectors, even outside the disciplines in which they are directly concerned. Especially interesting, in this connection, is the contribution that science fiction can provide, in a society characterized by swift technological developments and in which artificial intelligence is extending its possible applications to every area of activity. And indeed, science fiction often allows to imagine future scenarios that should be considered on time. Very significant, in this perspective, is the French government’s experience that, through the Red Team project, involved writers, screenwriters and science fiction designers for the elaboration of military policy for the next decades. An example that could well also be used in other contexts of legislative drafting, where the contribution of the arts could be useful not only in the moment of application of the law, to define the terms of the scenarios in which the operator carries out his activity, but also in the initial stage of the law.

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Scagliarini, SimoneUniversità di di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Science fiction – Mystery – Legal drafting – Red Team
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