Optimum design of a new predistortion scheme for high linearity K-band MMIC power amplifiers

Bianco, P. and Donati Guerrieri, S. and Ghione, G. and Pirola, M. and Naldi, C.U. and Florian, C. and Vannini, G. and Santarelli, A. and Filicori, F. and Manfredi, L. (2001) Optimum design of a new predistortion scheme for high linearity K-band MMIC power amplifiers. In: Gallium Arsenide applications symposium. Gaas 2001, 24-28 September 2001, London.
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A novel predistortion approach well suited for MMIC design is discussed. The theoretical analysis shows third-order intermodulation product (IMP3) cancellation independent of the specific technology exploited for implementation and of the detailed behaviour of the power stage nonlinearity; further improvements can be obtained through optimization. The active stages of the predistorter are modeled through a nonlinear describing function, which can be experimentally characterized through standard LS S-parameters measurements. The predistortion scheme has been implemented within the Agilent ADS environment and applied to the linearity optimization of a power amplifier stage. In accordance with theoretical results, significant improvement in the linearity of the Pin-Pout is demonstrated together with IMP3 reduction. A sensitivity analysis on the optimization parameters is also presented, showing that this approach is robust and well suited for circuit design.

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Conference or Workshop Item (Paper)
Bianco, P.
Donati Guerrieri, S.
Ghione, G.
Pirola, M.
Naldi, C.U.
Florian, C.
Vannini, G.
Santarelli, A.
Filicori, F.
Manfredi, L.
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17 Jun 2004
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17 Feb 2016 13:33

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