Vector corrected non-linear transistor characterization

Tasker, Paul J. ; O'Keefe, Sean S. (1997) Vector corrected non-linear transistor characterization. In: Gallium Arsenide Applications Symposium. GAAS 1997, 3-5 September 1997, Bologna, Italy.
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An on-wafer microwave characterization system has been developed that allows for both 'frequency domain' swept frequency fixed power small signal s-parameter measurements and 'time domain' swept power fixed frequency large signal power measurements of transistors from 0.5 GHz to 40 GHz. The 'time domain' measurements are fully vector corrected to allow for the determination of both magnitudes and phases of the harmonise generated in the non­linear regime. Such measurement capability allows for the measurement of the large signal voltage and currents waveforms present at the transistor terminations under large signal microwave excitation. The availability of these waveforms not only provides detailed insight into the operation of the transistor under large signal conditions, but is also revolutionizing the development, optimization and extraction of non-linear models and circuits design techniques. The charcterization techniques are illustrated through measurements on 025\im gate transistors fabricated using the H40 process at GMMT having a 4x60 m gate width.

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Tasker, Paul J.
O'Keefe, Sean S.
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23 Nov 2005
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