An Iterative Tikhonov Method for Large Scale Computations

Loli Piccolomini, Elena ; Zama, Fabiana (2009) An Iterative Tikhonov Method for Large Scale Computations. [Preprint]
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In this paper we present an iterative method for the minimization of the Tikhonov regularization functional in the absence of information about noise. Each algorithm iteration updates both the estimate of the regularization parameter and the Tikhonov solution. In order to reduce the number of iterations, an inexact version of the algorithm is also proposed. In this case the inner Conjugate Gradient (CG) iterations are truncated before convergence. In the numerical experiments the methods are tested on inverse ill posed problems arising both in signal and image processing.

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Loli Piccolomini, Elena
Zama, Fabiana
Regularization methods, Tikhonov method, Truncated Conjugate Gradient method, Ill-posed problems, Integral equations.
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18 Sep 2009 09:16
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16 May 2011 12:11

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