New challenges in teaching accounting and reporting in tourist entities

Baldarelli, Maria Gabriella (2010) New challenges in teaching accounting and reporting in tourist entities. Bologna: Asterisco, p. 11. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/2798. In: Note e ricerche
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The experience of teaching for several years in different degree courses pressed me to use new tools and methods to make use of. Connecting general trend of teaching all over the world this paper want to reply to the following research question: “what challenges we are facing in teaching accounting and reporting in tourist entities?”. Research design is oriented to deep study international literature about the state of art of teaching accounting and above all social and environmental accounting and reporting(CSEAR)( Gray, Owen, Adams, 1996, Tinker, Gray, 2003; Tinker, 2005; Gray , Guthrie, 2007), because I think that this field is very important for service enterprises, especially for tourist ones. The importance is given by disclosure and democracy that is at the base of CSEAR process and my interest to safeguard people and environment in tourist entities and destinations( Garrone, 2005). There are different aspects of tourism and poverty is often connected with tourism. In my idea, in which I wont to change a peace of world, I want to present some reflections about How to teach accounting in tourism to give student the availability to understand the constructive role of accounting but at the same time the bad role of it at the same to serve power and exploitation.

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Monograph (Working Paper)
Baldarelli, Maria Gabriella
teaching accounting, tourism
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21 Jul 2010 07:32
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