Towards a New Model of Control in Outsourcing and Accreditation of Public Service Providing Efficiency and Accountability

Travaglini, Claudio (2012) Towards a New Model of Control in Outsourcing and Accreditation of Public Service Providing Efficiency and Accountability. [Preprint]
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“Public accreditation certification” of private institutions and differentiation of institutional forms of public bodies define a convergence between public and private non profit provider of social services in Italy In Italy the system of public provision of social health and educational services historically developed as an expression of the central and local government. While the private institutions that provide the same services was not included in the public system. They maintained a wide autonomy in organizing services, but they paid the autonomy with the absence of a strong financial support. In the last thirty years , the process of concessions before, and then of public-private partnership, and now, the general accreditation for private institutions and the increasing strategic and financial autonomy for the public institutions is leading to a different frame of reference. Private bodies if they want to work in partnership with the public institutions and receive public funds have to obtain accreditation so they reduce their differentiation and autonomy. Instead the public, in search of new opportunities and new funding, tend to adopt private law models. This path suggest us to affirm a new concept of "public service" objective and not subjective, and to seek common forms of regulation. We argue that should be requested more transparency and social control to the private operators who managed public services with public funding. While to the public bodies should be requested a greater responsibility and competitiveness with private entities that have the same standard of service. The “accreditation revolution” requires new governance and accountability tools.

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