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Oliveira, Marcus Vinícius Xavier de (2019) (Por Nenhum) Decreto. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/6108. In: Vol. 12/2019. A cura di: Faralli, Carla ; Mittica, M. Paola. Bologna: Italian Society for Law and Literature (ISLL), . ISBN 9788854970144. In: ISLL Papers. The Online Collection of the Italian Society for Law and Literature, (12). A cura di: Faralli, Carla ; Mittica, M. Paola. ISSN 2035-553X.
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[(By None) Decree] The present text, scripted as an essay, was prepared to the event organized by the Researchers Groups in Contemporary Political Theory; Ethics, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Literature, and Literary Studies, entitled "Interlocutions between Literature, Philosophy and Law", which occurred in 06 and 08 of December of 2016, in the Federal University of Rondonia. The aim of the essay is to demonstrate, from a transdisciplinary reading of Paulo Leminski's poem "Bem no Fundo", that the alleged struggle of society in general, and of social movements in particular, by an regulamantation more comprehensive and particularized of all aspects of the human life - juridicization of life - is, in fact, a trap that we ourselves have armed to the detriment of our freedoms, autonomies and potentialites. When this juridicization meets the judicialization of life and politics, the path to totalitarian rule is, as it were, perfectly paved. Therefore, there will be no more life, but only Law and Sentences, and with them the respective “little problems”. The essay, therefore, is also intended to be a warning sign and a sign of the need to renew the democratically founded struggle for moral and political autonomy, indifference to difference and the preservation of our freedoms in the form of potentialities of yes or do not.

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Oliveira, Marcus Vinícius Xavier deUniversidade Federal de Rondônia, Brasil
Transdisciplinarity, Interlocution between Literature Philosophy Law, Juridicization of Life, Political Autonomy, Indifference to Difference
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