Literature Review on Transitions across Early Childhood and Compulsory School Settings in Europe

Balduzzi, Lucia ; Lazzari, Arianna ; Van Laere, Katrien ; Boudry, Caroline ; Rezek, Mateja ; Mlinar, Mateja ; McKinnon, Eddie (2019) Literature Review on Transitions across Early Childhood and Compulsory School Settings in Europe. Ljubljana: ERI. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/6210. [Dataset]
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The aim of this literature review, conducted as part of the START project, is to deepen the understanding of transitions across ECEC settings – and between these and CSE settings – by critically analysing the findings of empirical studies carried out in EU Member States over the last decade. In conducting this review, a systematic approach has been adopted in order to provide a comprehensive overview of existing research: both English language studies and studies written in the languages spoken in the countries participating to the project (Italian, Dutch and Slovenian) were included. Compared to literature reviews previously published on this topic (Dockett & Perry, 2013; Peters, 2010), the added value of the literature review conducted within the START project is the specific focus on EU-based research and the inclusion of studies published within edited books and monographies. Up to date, existing reviews on transition practices and approaches have included mostly findings derived from the analysis of publications retrieved through international research databases or indexed journals. This might imply that the findings derived from studies published within monographs, edited books and national scientific journals – which are the most typical forms of research dissemination in the EU landscape – tend to be overlooked and left at the margin of mainstream international debates. By shedding light on the findings derived from such publication sources, this literature review offers valuable insights in terms of investigating the multiple understandings and approaches underlying transition practices across a variety of policy contexts, educational systems and pedagogical traditions typical of EU Member States.

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Balduzzi, LuciaUniversità di Bologna - Dipartimento Scienze dell'Educazione0000-0002-3934-9416
Lazzari, AriannaUniversità di Bologna - Dipartimento Scienze dell'Educazione0000-0001-6710-4515
Van Laere, KatrienVBJK - Centre for Innovation in the Early Years
Boudry, CarolineVBJK - Centre for Innovation in the Early Years
Rezek, MatejaEducational Research Institute
Mlinar, MatejaEducational Research Institute
McKinnon, EddiePen Green Centre and Research Base
Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) - Compulsory School Education (CSE) - transitions - European Member States
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03 Sep 2019 09:47
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03 Sep 2019 12:12
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START - A Good Start for All: Sustaining Transitions Across the Early Years
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Commissione Europea (Agenzia Nazionale Slovena CMEPIUS) - Erasmus+ Programme

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