PLUS.WP2 Qualitative analysis of platform labor.Estonia

Unt, Marge ; Kall, Kairit ; Roosalu, Triin ; Ojamäe, Liis (2022) PLUS.WP2 Qualitative analysis of platform labor.Estonia. University of Bologna. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/6916. [Dataset]
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License: Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

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This dataset consists of summaries of the qualitative interviews with Airbnb hosts (16) and summaries of the qualitative interviews with Uber drivers (15) conducted in Tallinn. All interviews covered the topics of labour process, skills, and social protection. It is not possible to provide the full transcripts nor the NVivo fail with the transcripts due to the nature of consent the interviewees gave. In addition, the dataset contains summary/notes of the focus group interview with Uber drivers and Airbnb host. The focus group guidelines were constructed with the aims to introduce participants to the first results of the analysis of interviews done in Tallinn, and to ask for additional reflections, comments and further experiences related to the topics. Some slides with the main results were prepared and presented to the participants as a stimulus for the discussion. Time was also dedicated to discuss Covid-19 period experiences. For detailed information about the methodology of the qualitative interviews please check the following publications: Kall, K., Roosalu, T., Unt, M., & Ojamäe, L. (2021). Platformisation of Tallinn’s taxi industry: Results from the PLUS Project. RASI toimetised nr 13. Tallinna Ülikool. Ojamäe, L., Peik, K., Kall, K., Roosalu, T., & Unt, M. (2021). Hosting in Airbnb: platform work at the intersection of hospitality, accommodation and home-making. RASI toimetised nr 14. Tallinna Ülikool.

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Unt, MargeTallinn University
Kall, KairitTallinn University
Roosalu, TriinTallinn University
Ojamäe, LiisTallinn University
platform labour, tallinn, estonia, skills, labour process
Pohl, Tea
Tallinn University
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17 Jun 2022 12:30
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02 Aug 2022 12:39
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PLUS - Platform Labour in Urban Spaces: Fairness, Welfare, Development
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EC - H2020

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