Deliverable 3.2 0FLW interventions

Iori, Elisa Iori ; Vittuari, Matteo ; Rettore, Caterina ; Pini, Filippo ; Antosz, Patrycja ; Puga-Gonzalez, Ivan (2023) Deliverable 3.2 0FLW interventions. University of Bologna, DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/7463.
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The CHORIZO project aims to improve the understanding of the impact of social norms on behaviours related to food waste generation. This document starts from the list of actions against Food Loss and Waste (FLW) collected within the CHORIZO project (Deliverable 1.2). It establishes the foundation for the conceptualization of interventions in relation to social norms and 'what-if' scenarios with a perspective of modelling effective 0FLW interventions. This work emphasises the importance of targeted and customised interventions that include considerations on specific context-related social norms. A pivotal aspect in behavioural change interventions involves recognizing diverse social roles and settings. Here, we define the concept of social roles as expected behavioural patterns in specific contexts, exploring potential conflicts within or between these roles. In the context of the six Case Studies of the CHORIZO project, this work explores the relevant social norms within and beyond each setting, their targets groups and networks of influence. Furthermore, this report introduces potential 'what-if' scenarios emerging in the Case Studies, highlighting possible awareness-raising interventions, economic incentives and 'nudging' strategies related to social norms for 0FLW interventions. The importance of the co-design process is highlighted for the definition of possible settings (e.g., in-home settings, out-of-home settings and alternative settings) for the modelling of interventions, basing this segmentation on the similarities with the case studies in which to model interventions. In summary, this work presents a new conceptualization for behavioural interventions in FLW reduction, integrating the identification and exploitation of social norms and social roles in the settings of their influence. This report serves as a basis for upcoming modelling activities, paving the way for a deeper understanding of how social norms influence food waste generation or reduction within the CHORIZO project.

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Monograph (Technical Report)
Iori, Elisa IoriUniversity of Bologna0000-0003-0987-1403
Vittuari, MatteoUniversity of Bologna0000-0003-4327-1575
Rettore, CaterinaUniversity of Bologna0009-0004-5676-7988
Pini, FilippoUniversity of Bologna
Antosz, PatrycjaNORCE0000-0001-6330-1597
Puga-Gonzalez, IvanNORCE0000-0003-2510-6760
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20 Dec 2023 14:07
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20 Dec 2023 16:46
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CHORIZO - Changing practices and Habits through Open, Responsible, and social Innovation towards Zer� fοod waste
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