AMS Acta for Research

What is AMS Acta?
AMS Acta is the open access institutional repository which collects the scientific contributions of those who take part to the research activities of the University:

  • It is identified with the ISSN number: 2038-7954
  • Increases the impact and the visibility of research
  • Responds to the OpenAire project requirements
  • Scores well in the main web search engines (Google, Google Scholar...)
  • Allows the Authors to self-archive their own work through a simple procedure
  • Guarantees copyright protection
  • Guarantees a secure store and access over time to the archived materials
  • Allows the deposit at the Central National Library of Florence
  • Supplies statistical data on usage of the materials deposited

Who can deposit?

  • Lecturers, researchers and collaborators at the University of Bologna who have an institutional email account.
  • The admin staff specifically appointed and authorised by the authors or the copyright holders of the piece of work.

What can be deposited?

  • Articles, book chapters, essays, technical reports, working papers, manuals, conference proceedings or other research outputs
  • Papers produced by one or more authors
  • Single papers or collections
  • Pre-print versions, post-print drafts and unpublished works
  • Documents free from copyright obligations (many publishers agree that the materials they have published are archived in an institutional deposit. It is necessary to check on Sherpa website the single publisher's policies)
  • Documents in .pdf format

Who can access the documents?

  • All internet users

Additional Services

  • Voluntary deposit at the Central National Library of Florence (BNCF) for the unpublished material, upon author's request
  • Print on demand service at contracted rates and legal deposit of the unpublished materials.

Service agreement
In order to publish the research contributions it is necessary:

  • register on the repository with your university login details
  • accept the terms and conditions of service
  • download and print the General Service Agreement

The Service General Agreement has to be signed for acceptance in original and needs to be sent by surface mail or fax, together with a copy of a valid ID to:

Area Sistemi Dipartimentali e Documentali
viale Filopanti 7
40126 – Bologna - FAX: 0039 051 2086041
AlmaDL staff will publish the research contributions archived by authors into the repository upon receiving the application with the terms and conditions signed for acceptance.

For additional information on the service please contact AlmaDL staff (Tel 051 20 94318 email