Recursive random-sampling strategy for a digital wattmeter

Mirri, D. ; Iuculano, G. ; Menchetti, A. ; Filicori, F. ; Catelani, M. (1992) Recursive random-sampling strategy for a digital wattmeter. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 41 (6). pp. 979-984. ISSN 0018-9456
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A recursive random-sampling strategy is proposed for the implementation of a digital broadband wattmeter. In this strategy each sampling instant is obtained by adding to the preceding one a predetermined constant lag plus a random increment. In order to correlate the measurement uncertainty to the bandwidth, the asymptotic mean-square error arising from the sampling strategy and the filtering algorithm is evaluated and analyzed; it has been shown that the proposed sampling strategy does not limit the bandwidth of the instrument if an appropriate statistical distribution of the random increments is selected. The theoretical results are compared with those obtained by simulating the measurement process

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Mirri, D.
Iuculano, G.
Menchetti, A.
Filicori, F.
Catelani, M.
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digital instrumentation, measurement errors, random processes, signal processing, wattmeters
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29 Mar 2006
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31 Ott 2012 11:47

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