Musica greca sulle coste lidie: tra Sardi, Smirne ed Efeso

Ercoles, Marco (2012) Musica greca sulle coste lidie: tra Sardi, Smirne ed Efeso. In: III Annual Meeting of “MOISA: International Society for the Study of Greek and Roman Music and its Cultural Heritage”, 1-3 Ottobre 2009, Ravenna, Dipartimento di Storie e Metodi per la Conservazione dei Beni Culturali.
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Two main aspects of the interaction among Greek, Lydian and Persian musical cultures are analyzed: firstly, the story of the Smyrnean poet Magnes is taken into account, as an example of political and ideological use of the musical language within the broader cultural and political development of a musical koiné common to all the Persian Empire; secondly, it is paid attention to the orchestic (an oklasma, as it seems likely) and musical performance of the Lydian Maidens at the Artemisia held in Ephesus.

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