Exploring Functional Grammar

Lipson, Maxine (2004) Exploring Functional Grammar. Bologna: Centro di Studi Linguistico-Culturali (CeSLiC), p. 138. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/871. In: Quaderni del CeSLiC. Functional Grammar Studies For Non-Native Speakers of English ISSN 1973-2228.

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This volume, Exploring Functional Grammar, is the second of the first three e-books of a new series entitled, Functional Grammar Studies for Non-Native Speakers of English, which is contained within the superordinate: Quaderni del Centro di Studi Linguistico-Culturali (CeSLiC), a research center in the Department of Modern Foreign Languages of the University of Bologna. The series proposes a metalinguistic description of English grammar in a functional, socio-semiotic perspective and is proving to be an effective teaching/learning resource for improving English literacy outcomes in the L2 pedagogic setting. The principal ‘consumers’ of the series are the students of the English Language Studies Program (ELSP) in Bologna’s Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, for whom it provides the basic course-book in each of their three years of the first-level degree course. The principles and techniques of FG and appraisal theory, introduced in the first year, are further explored in this second volume and applied to short authentic texts, in order to increase the students’ awareness of how meanings are constructed in and by language.

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Monografia (Manuale)
Lipson, Maxine
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esp, sfl, fg, functional grammar, English, English linguistics,
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29 Nov 2004
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08 Feb 2017 11:41

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