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Angeli, Alessia and Ferri, Massimo and Monti, Eleonora and Tomba, Ivan (2018) Shortened persistent homology for a biomedical retrieval system with relevance feedback. [Preprint]

Frosini, Patrizio and Jablonski, Grzegorz (2015) Combining persistent homology and invariance groups for shape comparison. [Preprint]

Di Fabio, Barbara and Landi, Claudia (2014) The edit distance for Reeb graphs of surfaces. [Preprint]

Ferri, Massimo (2013) Graphic-based concept retrieval. [Preprint]

Morandi, Francesco and Vergari, Fabio and D'Elia, Alfredo and Roffia, Luca and Salmon Cinotti, Tullio (2013) SMART-M3 v.0.9: A semantic event processing engine supporting information level interoperability in ambient intelligence. Bologna, Italia: ARCES-AlmaDL, p. 29. ISBN 9788898010127. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/3877.

Frosini, Patrizio (2013) G-invariant Persistent Homology. [Preprint]

Di Fabio, Barbara and Frosini, Patrizio (2013) Filtrations induced by continuous functions. [Preprint]

Cerri, Andrea and Di Fabio , Barbara and Medri, Filippo (2011) Multi-scale approximation of the matching distance for shape retrieval. In: CTIC 2012 -- 4th International workshop on computational Topology in Image Context , 6-8 Febbraio 2012, Bertinoro.

Ryan, Nick and Mohr, Phil and Mantovani, Glauco and Bartolini, Sara and D'Elia, Alfredo and Pettinari, Marina and Roffia, Luca and Sklenar, Lukas and Garzotto, Franca and Salmon Cinotti, Tullio (2011) Interoperable multimedia mobile services for cultural heritage sites. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/5099. In: EPOCH Conference on Open Digital Cultural Heritage Systems (2008). A cura di: Arnold, David and Niccolucci, Franco and Pletinckx, Daniel and Van Gool, Luc. Budapest: Archaeolingua, pp. 54-60. ISBN 978-963-9911-25-3. In: EPOCH Collection

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