Methodology for space qualification of MMIC's

Belfort, M. ; Burgaud, P. ; Dreyfuss, JC. ; Dumas, JM. ; Fortea, JP. ; Kervarrec, G. ; Le Gouable, JC. ; Tizien, PG. (1992) Methodology for space qualification of MMIC's. In: Gallium Arsenide Applications Symposium. GAAS 1992, 27-29 April 1992, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.
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The use of microwave monolithic integrated circuits (MMIC) in future space applications is becoming increasingly probable because of their high performance and low mass. Moreover, certain equipments, such as large active antennas, are only conceivable with MMIC solutions. In order to make sure that such products have quality levels compatible with space requirements, it becomes necessary to establish a qualification methodology taking all the specificities of GaAs MMIC's into consideration. An inter-administration working group with members from France Telecom (CNET), the Delegation Generale de l'Armement (CELAR) and the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales has been set up to lead thinking on this subject and dialogue with national industry (designers and manufacturers). Apart from the technical characteristics proper to MMIC's, it appeared that three important points have to be taken into account: -These technologies are relatively recent, which means that they are evolving fast and there is virtually no feedback on experience. -It is very difficult to "fix" a fabrication procedure during a space programme time sequence. - It is necessary to work with a manufacturer having his process well under control so as to be able to respond to changes in the fabrication procedure. To take all these necessities into account, our methodology is based on human expert appraisal, which provides great flexibility in the way of working and can manage technological changes without calling established knowledge into question. The approach we propose is centred around three steps : audit, evaluation and procurement.

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Belfort, M.
Burgaud, P.
Dreyfuss, JC.
Dumas, JM.
Fortea, JP.
Kervarrec, G.
Le Gouable, JC.
Tizien, PG.
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17 Feb 2006
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