Cross-border mobility, European identity and participation among European adolescents and young adults

Mazzoni, Davide ; Albanesi, Cinzia ; Ferreira, Pedro ; Opermann, Signe ; Pavlopoulos, Vassilis ; Cicognani, Elvira (2017) Cross-border mobility, European identity and participation among European adolescents and young adults. European Journal of Developmental Psychology .
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Cross-border mobility is one of the most important factors that are assumed to strengthen young people’s commitment as European citizens. However, the existing empirical evidence does not provide consistent support. In this paper, we tested the hypothesis that cross-border mobility is associated with a stronger European identification, more positive attitudes toward the EU, and with specific visions of the EU, and that these factors, in turn, have a positive effect on engagement at EU level. Data were collected as part of the multinational research project CATCH-EyoU. Analyses were performed controlling for gender, income, country, and migrant status. Results mostly confirmed the hypotheses among both adolescents and young adults, and for both short-term and long-term mobility. EU level participation and EU voting intentions appeared to be influenced by partly different factors. The implications of the findings, both at theoretical level and for the development of international mobility programs, are discussed

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Mazzoni, DavideUniversity of Bologna0000-0001-6607-5636
Albanesi, CinziaUniversity of Bologna0000-0001-8240-6159
Ferreira, PedroUniversity of Porto0000-0002-5010-7397
Opermann, SigneUniversity of Tartu
Pavlopoulos, VassilisNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Cicognani, ElviraUniversity of Bologna0000-0002-8653-290X
Adolescents; young adults; active citizenship; European Union; participation; vote
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19 Feb 2018 13:44
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28 May 2018 10:10
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CATCH-EyoU - Constructing AcTive CitizensHip with European Youth: Policies, Practices, Challenges and Solutions
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EC - H2020

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