Privacy through Anonymisation in Large-scale Socio-technical Systems: Multi-lingual Contact Centres across the EU

Cevenini, Claudia ; Denti, Enrico ; Omicini, Andrea ; Cerno, Italo (2016) Privacy through Anonymisation in Large-scale Socio-technical Systems: Multi-lingual Contact Centres across the EU. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-45982-0_25. In: Internet Science. 3rd International Conference on Internet Science (INSCI 2016): Openness, Collaboration and Collective Action. A cura di: Bagnoli, Franco ; Satsiou, Anna ; Stavrakakis, Ioannis ; Nesi, Paolo ; Pacini, Giovanna ; Welp, Yanina ; Tiropanis, Thanassis ; DiFranzo, Dominic. Springer, pp. 291-305. ISBN 978-3-319-45981-3. In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science ISSN 0302-9743.
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Large-scale socio-technical systems (STS) inextricably interconnect individual – e.g., the right to privacy –, social – e.g., the effectiveness of organisational processes –, and technology issues —e.g., the software engineering process. As a result, the design of the complex software infrastructure involves also non-technological aspects such as the legal ones—so that, e.g., law-abidingness can be ensured since the early stages of the software engineering process. By focussing on contact centres (CC) as relevant examples of knowledge-intensive STS, we elaborate on the articulate aspects of anonymisation: there, individual and organisational needs clash, so that only an accurate balancing between legal and technical aspects could possibly ensure the system efficiency while preserving the individual right to privacy. We discuss first the overall legal framework, then the general theme of anonymisation in CC. Finally we overview the technical process developed in the context of the BISON project.

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Book Section
Cevenini, ClaudiaUniversità di Bologna0000-0001-8092-3494
Denti, EnricoUniversità di Bologna0000-0003-1687-8793
Omicini, AndreaUniversità di Bologna0000-0002-6655-3869
Cerno, ItaloUniversità di Bologna
socio-technical systems; contact centres; anonymisation; privacy
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11 Apr 2018 10:40
Last modified
11 Apr 2018 10:40
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BISON - BIg Speech data analytics for cONtact centres
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EC - H2020

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