A report with techniques for evaluation of CRMs variability

Tinti, Francesco ; Sara, Kasmaeeyazdi (2020) A report with techniques for evaluation of CRMs variability. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/7085.
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Task 3.2 of WP3 consisted of reviewing characterization techniques for understanding presence of raw materials (with special reference to critical raw materials - CRMs) inside the mining wastes (both stockpiles and tailings). The review covers different aspects, such as EU legislation in mining wastes management, environmental characterization of historical mining areas for pollution detection, grade characterization for recovery of valuable metals, innovative ways and approaches to understand the presence and value of CRMs within the entire mine life cycle. The present Deliverable 3.2 concludes with comments on the current standards and suggestions about a more effective characterization for practical and economic recovery of CRMs from stockpiles and tailings.

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Monograph (Technical Report)
Tinti, FrancescoDipartimento DICAM Università di Bologna0000-0002-6750-9368
Sara, KasmaeeyazdiDipartimento DICAM Università di Bologna0000-0003-2438-8743
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21 Nov 2022 14:28
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31 Jan 2024 22:00
Project name
INCO-Piles 2020 - International consortium to recover CRMs from stockpiles/tailings targeting RIS
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EIT RawMaterials - KAVA Call 6

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