Making and operating molecular machines: a multidisciplinary challenge

Baroncini, Massimo ; Casimiro, Lorenzo ; De Vet, Christiaan ; Groppi, Jessica ; Silvi, Serena ; Credi, Alberto (2017) Making and operating molecular machines: a multidisciplinary challenge. ChemistryOpen, 7 . pp. 169-179.
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Movement is one of the central attributes of life, and a key feature in many technological processes. While artificial motion is typically provided by macroscopic engines powered by internal combustion or electrical energy, movement in living organisms is produced by machines and motors of molecular size that typically exploit the energy of chemical fuels at ambient temperature to generate forces and ultimately execute functions. The progress in several areas of chemistry, together with an improved understanding of biomolecular machines, has led to the development of a large variety of wholly synthetic molecular machines. These systems have the potential to bring about radical innovations in several areas of technology and medicine. In this article we discuss, with the help of a few examples, the multidisciplinary aspects of research on artificial molecular machines, and highlight its translational character.

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Baroncini, MassimoUniversità di Bologna
Casimiro, LorenzoUniversità di Bologna
De Vet, ChristiaanUniversità di Bologna
Groppi, JessicaUniversità di Bologna
Silvi, SerenaUniversità di Bologna
Credi, AlbertoUniversità di Bologna
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LEAPS - Light effected autonomous molecular pumps: Towards active transporters and actuating materials
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EC - H2020

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