Un caso di “traduzione estrema”: il palindromo

Gabriella, Imposti (2022) Un caso di “traduzione estrema”: il palindromo. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/6960. In: Lezioni di Traduzione 1. A cura di: Bąkowska, Nadzieja ; Alberti, Alberto. Bologna: University of Bologna, Department of Mondern Languages Literatures and Cultures, pp. 89-103. ISBN 9788854970946. In: Lezioni di Traduzione, (1).
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A CASE OF “EXTREME TRANSLATION”: THE PALINDROME • This article opens with a brief overview of the form and meaning of the palindrome in literature, mathematics and biology. It then focuses on the revival of the palindrome by the Futurist poet Chlebnikov, who in 1912 composed a short poem consisting of palindromes and who later wrote a long poem entirely in palindromic verses devoted to the legendary historical figure of Stenka Razin. The palindrome is a rhetorical device that means more than a mere verbal game in Chlebnikov’s poetics. It reflects his conception of the word as a magic and cosmogonic power which can transform and recreate the world. The palindrome is also a figure suitable for the expression of a time of troubles and revolutions. In the article I discuss the problem of the translation of the palindrome as a type of “extreme” translation (Nasi 2015). In particular two translations of Chlebnikov’s first palindromic poem Pereverten’ are analysed. Kern (1976) approaches the palindrome translating into English the semantics of the single words and ignoring its palindromic structure. The second instance is Oskar Pastior’s translation into German, who decides to “translate” the device itself of the palindrome. This is an exampe of “extreme” translation. Pastior re-writes the text à la Chlebnikov, trying to be consist with the underlying semantics and themes of the original text.

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